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Open Water Dives

For all diver levels, from shallow to deep, 24 carefully selected diving sites

Dive with the professionals

Open Water Dives

Certified divers enjoy the crystal clear blue water of Crete with our experienced divemasters.

Dives are organized in small groups with divers having approximately the same experience and diving education.

We dive between 8 and 25 meters. Deep dives and any other specialty dives are also possible.

With us, diving is a pleasure for beginners, advanced or experienced divers.

The wreck

The WreckAmazing clear waters with visibility up to 30-40 m and a beautiful boat wreck, are the characteristics of this magnificent dive.

Boat ride around 40 min to a beautiful uninhabitant island with fantastic clear waters. Depths are up to 37m, so, advanced open water diver is the minimum level required to participate to this dive.

An extra requirement of minimum 30 logged dives, at least 10 of them at over 25m.

The gruppers field

The cruppers fieldA Beautiful dive in a typical Mediterranean landscape, where we can watch cruppers swimming around, entering at small caves, swimming with many other small fish.

Mostly, clear waters with visibility up to 20 m.

Maximum diving depth of 18m. Divers from all levels can participate to this dive.

House Reef

House ReefIdeal for courses for beginners and refreshing dives. Depths between 2 to 14 m shore dive direct to the front of the diving center. Many small fish turning around waiting the divers to explorer them. Small octopuses have their houses here and the water is clear and blue most of the time. Ideal place to start a nice visit to the Mediterranean underwater world.

Kori wall

Kori wall10 minutes drive with the inflatable, beautiful colorful dive in depths between 10 and 13 m. Sand and rocks create a nice combination full of light and colors.
Dive for people who want to enjoy a long and pleasant dive

St.George caves

St.George caves12 minutes drive with the boat the wall of St George creates two very beautiful caves at 8 and 13m. Here we can reach the depth of 18 m surrounded from deep blue color and watching different fish like ruppers, octopus etc together with big anemones
and different sea flowers.

The airplane

The airplaneBeloved wreck dive on a Messerchmidt 109 maintained very well with all the body, the machinegun, even the bullets to be seen. Tail of the airplane is missing but all the rest is very impressive with two big cruppers wishing to learn Dive at 25 m blue with reference line for experient divers. Dive depending very much on whether conditions as we dive to the very open sea.

The shrimps cave

The shrimps caveExtremely beautiful dive starting at 24 m where a very beautiful cave is the house of thousand shrimps.
The surrounding is very blue with very deep water we hang on a wall at depth between 25 and 40m. The rock is very beautiful, wild, and rich in any kind of vegetation.
With a little good luck very big tuna fish to be seen.

Dive for experient divers.

The Aegean window

The Aegean windowVery deep dive for experient divers with visibility over 50m all year around. We hang on a wall where the bottom starts at 46 m. (we dont reach this depth!) and we look at the deep Aegean blue like from a window at depths between 30 and 40m.
Magic dive with big possibility to see very big tuna fish approaching to 3m the divers. Very impressive this dive together with the shrimps cave is very famous among the experient divers.

Description at Aquanaut June 96.
Only for experient divers.